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Virtually, Anywhere

Experience. Efficiency. Flexibility.

KORE Transactions is a transaction management service whose members perform transaction coordination for residential real estate, commercial real estate transactions, closing agents, lenders, and a variety of other virtual assistance projects. 

KORE Transactions is equipped and ready to handle your mobile Notary Public needs for real estate closings, estate planning signing ceremonies, and loan refinance closings, and other Notary Public services you may require.

At our KORE, we want to serve and alleviate the pressures you face with coordinating a transactions' demanding needs, the urgent and long term tasks and projects for your business, plus provide a knowledgeable representative for you and your brand.


We have the diligent and experience-backed coordinators you're looking for.



We have effective and efficient assistants with the wherewithall to handle your tasks.



We find flexibilty to be our strongsuit.Hire our Notaries for your next signing or closing.

To Book Us, Please Send Us a Quick Note: